2017 “Adventure Wagon”!

Heavy rain, 30 mph winds, at night; not the ideal situation as you’re driving your brand new, 2017 Fleetwood Discovery LXE, home for the first time. Yep, this was my husband and I just days ago…

We had the opportunity to be a part of the VIP delivery treatment at REV’s American Coach facility in Decatur, Indiana. As we arrived we were greeted by a friendly, smiling face that led us into the VIP room. We set our belongings down and was escorted through another door. As we walked through, there was our shiny, “adventure wagon”, that seemed to sparkle under the lights. Red carpet, personalized signage, lights on inside and the door wide open, just waiting for us to take our first tour of our new home on the road. Stunning does not even describe the quality that was before us. We chose the 40E floor plan, which seemed to be the best layout for our lifestyle. I still love to cook and entertain folks while we are on the road and the 40E will be able to accommodate that.

Our lovely Fleetwood RV!

After we oohed and awed for a while, we were finally given an extensive, hands on walk through of the operations of our Discovery. That took a few hours, then we took a factory tour. This honestly blew my mind. The craftsmanship of Fleetwood RV’s is insane.  I watched employees put the side walls together, put in cabinets, fill in nail holes one by one in the woodwork by hand, sand the wood pieces to perfection, lay tile, and go through every inch of each of stranger’s new home with care and diligence. I was so amazed by the process and how actual humans were so involved in the building of these. I think I expected lots of machines and people just pressing buttons since that’s where technology seems to be. It made me proud to see the hard work that these people put in first hand, and I even thanked an employee I walked past for his work in making my beautiful new home. He just smiled and said it was his pleasure. Wow…. It’s nice to know that people still take pride in the work that they do and these employees seemed to do just that.

As the tall door rolled up and we drove out, it was time to hit the open road for our 567-mile trek home. But first, a trip to Wal-Mart! We literally drove half a mile in our first stint! “Whew! That was tough!” My Husband sarcastically yelled out while laughing. We headed in to grab some supplies to get us through the night. Towels, bed sheets, water and snacks. Now we were “really” ready to hit the road. Oh, wait! Not quite yet because we had to go by the American Coach store for commemorative t-shirts! Okay, after shopping at Wal-Mart, grabbing a late lunch and getting our souvenirs, we were finally on the road. No, seriously. We were!

With 30 mph winds blowing us around, I was thankful I had a professional driver at the helm. As if the wind wasn’t enough, heavy rain decided to join us. As my Husband was wheeling, I had my eyes on the radar trying to assess if we needed to pull over and “camp” out for the night, or keep digging so we could get ahead of the storm and hopefully drive out of it. We decided to keep driving. The wind finally calmed down (still 14 mph) and it stopped raining, so we pulled off for a late dinner at TGI Fridays in West Virginia. We were back on the road just 30 minutes later and the rain had caught up to us. As we kept driving It was getting close to 1 a.m and we found a travel plaza to pull into for the night. We literally drove around the lot for over 20 minutes trying to find a place to pull in and park. We finally did and got settled. We slept about 7 hours, filled up with fuel, grabbed our coffee and breakfast and was ready for our last 3.5-hour stint. I wanted to drive our new rig and what a great opportunity since I had a professional driver and coach to show me how! After a quick tutorial, I took off the parking break, put it in drive and hit the gas! Okay… maybe eased the gas. 🙂 I drove one big loop around the parking lot and my “coach” decided I was talented enough to take it for a drive on the highway. To see some of the looks from people as they glanced over and saw a petit woman wheeling our snappy house down the road was priceless.  I drove through the hills of West Virginia, tight turns, kept it between the lines and even made a sweet pass around an 18-wheeler! Needless to say, my “coach” aka my Husband was impressed with my skills and mentioned I was a natural. (Insert sassy move here.) Unfortunately, my stint only lasted a whopping 19 minutes and 27 seconds due to heavy rain and a toll both. Driver swap!

As we listened to “Dinner with Racers” podcasts, I knocked out some real estate work while we made our way home. Luckily the snow and ice had melted from our “winter storm” in Charlotte, and we made our plans to polish our new Fleetwood back up from the road debris we picked up along the way.

Overall we had a great first ride. We had the opportunity to catch up on life, talk about potential upcoming trips and played road games. (i.e. trying to remember the capitols of all the states without using our phones!) Since our lifestyle is hectic, we look forward to the drive times ahead so we can spend more time together and make more fun memories!

Next stop; Daytona! Stay tuned to hear about our trip with the RV, the 24-Hour Race and what we get into along the way with our “adventure wagon”!

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