Selfish ’17-

If you’re like the millions of others who made a New Year resolution, you’ve likely fallen off the bandwagon already and its only Saturday the 7th. I have an idea of a resolution you should stick with in 2017. Be selfish.

Our days are usually spent working for someone else, catering to someone else, thinking for someone else; the list is endless. This year, I encourage you to be selfish. It’s time for you to take a stance and focus on YOU. Everyone focuses on the physical attributes for their new year resolution, but people seem to forget about the mental; which I think is way more important.

You need to get your mind right so you can act right, so here are some things I’ve implemented in my day to day that has helped me stay mentally strong and focused.


  • Meditate. This is an easy tool that is totally underrated. Some like to start their day off with mediation, but I personally end my day with it. It’s become the perfect practice for me right before bed. I’ve always had trouble “shutting my brain off” from the day’s tasks and troubles. Now, I’m able to fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly and wake up more refreshed. I had no idea how to even begin this practice, so my Husband recommended an app to me called “Headspace”. It’s been great and teaches you how to meditate. I don’t want to ruin the education side of it, but check out the app and I promise you’ll be hooked after the trial.


  • Read. I love to read especially self-help type books. My latest read is a book called “Emotional Intelligence”. With me being a Realtor and working with people day in and day out, I wanted to understand what made clients react the way they did to things. Now I am more understanding and communicate with them better and support them on a whole other level. There were also things in the book that made me more conscious of how I reacted to certain situations. Now I apply those to my daily life and feel the quality of my personal relationships have grown stronger.


  • Take time out for yourself daily. I know this can be difficult but you deserve to give yourself your undivided attention for at least 30 minutes a day. Go for a walk, exercise, write, get crafty, whatever you want. Just make sure it’s YOUR time!


It’s taken me many years to finally learn if I don’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of those and things around me. This goes for your spouse, kids, dogs, work, your house… you get the gist. There’s people who are counting on your daily whether you realize it or not. So, will you join me and be selfish in ’17? I promise. You’ll thank me.

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