Viva Las Vegas

Shiny lights, bright casinos, sparkling settings, it all seems to lure you in. I’ve been home almost a week from Vegas, and wanted to share my good eateries, a great show and my personal experience with completing the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.




We tried a new restaurant this year called “Jardin” located in the Wynn, which was recently renovated, and the décor screamed Vegas. Our waiter was very friendly and was passionate about the food on the menu and gave great recommendations. My drink of choice this meal was a Kettle One dirty martini, which was fabulous! I hate to admit it, but I’ve become quite a martini snob, but this one was spot on. For my meal, I had the Branzino, which our waiter suggested and it was so delicate and flavorful. There’s not one thing I would’ve changed about the dish. For dessert, we ordered a chocolate cake that looked like a flower pot arrangement. Everything was edible!


The arrangement was certainly unique and memorable. Jardin’s will definitely be on my list of “musts” when we are in Vegas in the future.



The Beetles LOVE


On a whim we decided to go to the Beetles LOVE show at the Mirage. I was blown away by the creativity and fast paced energy during this show! It really portrayed what it was like during the “hay day” of the Beetles and it is certainly one you will want to see again and again. Put this on your list to see when you’re in Vegas. Sorry I can’t share all the details but I don’t want to spoil it for you!


The Cut


Time and time again, this restaurant in the Palazzo still continues to impress. From the ambiance, to the service, to the food, it has become our favorite place in Vegas. I will admit, it is a pretty penny to dine here, however I promise, you will not leave disappointed. I ordered a red wine for the table, Ramey, a 2012 Syrah from Sonoma County. This one has a powerful flavor but doesn’t overwhelm. With dark fruits and a little peppery, spice hint, this one was certainly a crowd pleaser and would retail for around $35 at a wine store. It complimented the cheeses, seafood and heavy meats beautifully. I tried The Cut’s beet salad this time and the presentation was simplistically stunning. I loved everything about it.


For my meal, I ordered my usual, the “Louis” which is actually a crab appetizer and has been served at the White House! Exquisite, fresh and light; it’s simply the perfect meal for me so I can save room for all the sides! I’m salivating as I write this and can’t wait to go back to The Cut again!


Rock and Roll Half Marathon

So this was my 3rd year partaking in this event. I must say, I am not a runner and do not enjoy running. I am about a 3 to 5 mile runner, and my fun meter is pegged. Somehow my Husband’s family continues to talk me into it. This year, yet again, I failed to train and was frightened about how my body would react to the continual pounding of 13.1 miles. I didn’t want to beat my body up because I’ve enjoyed getting into Lagree Pilates and other fitness routines, and didn’t want to bang my body up to the point I couldn’t enjoy these activities for a while.

This year, I went to the gym about 30 minutes prior so I could stretch out before we left for the starting line. While I was there, I read this quote on the wall:


It really struck a chord with me. Why am I doing this? What’s the point? And then it hit me. I wanted to run for all the people who couldn’t. Who were too sick and battling something unthinkable. Someone who would give anything to be able to just walk the half marathon but couldn’t. The list in my mind continued to go on and on. Suddenly, I wasn’t dreading what was ahead, but was invigorated and inspired by complete strangers. I didn’t earn a new PR, but what I did earn was an exuberate appreciate for so many others. Whatever you are battling, I encourage you to fight. Fight for what you love, what you want to do, and what you aspire to overcome. I was sore for 3 days after my half marathon this year and ended up with a cold a few days later, but I know it is nothing in comparison to the pain others feel daily. To all the strangers hopefully reading this, I am with you, and support you, and am fighting for you in the shadows. Never give up!

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