California Love

Yes, I was signing 2Pac’s song in my head as I wrote the title of this week’s blog and took myself back to my old skating days… Who is reminiscing with me now?!

LA is known for being fast paced, sunny skies and active lifestyles. My most recent trip out was racing related, but I snuck in some personal time along the way! Here’s a few places I suggest checking out while you’re there…


Another Broken Egg Cafe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and honestly it’s one of my fav’s. Located in downtown Burbank and the menu is pretty impressive with many options and creative concoctions. Since I went for the healthy traditional choice of eggs, I decided to splurge and try something on the menu I’d never had before; biscuit beignets! All I can say is WOW! Holy Moly they were delicious! I had to stop at 3 because the sweetness was over powering my palate, but these are certainly a must try if you have the chance to go!


*Just a little teaser pic of the deliciousness!*


Studio Metamorphosis

I’ve recently began to “embrace the shake” with Lagree Pilates. If you’ve never tried it and don’t understand what this phrase means, let me help you. You know when you’re shakin your booty in the club like you’re J-Lo? Well this is what you’re practically doing but not trying to, while you’re pushing your muscles to the limit and getting stronger with every move. While visiting a friend, she took me to her Pilates class at Studio Metamorphosis in Pasadena. Jennifer, our instructor for the class, doesn’t mess around. I’m certain if you frequent her classes, soon enough you’ll be walking around like a sleek Greek sculpture! She encourages you and pushes you to your limit, just before you go over the edge. There is no rest for the weary that’s for sure. Once I successfully got my tail kicked, the man beside me who was also in class, reached over and gave me a high five. I wasn’t sure if he was complimenting my J-Lo booty shakin moves, or high fiving me because he heard me cussing over the loud bumping music and agreed with my pain. Either way, I was happy for his support and everyone there. If you need a good sweat sesh while in the area, give it a try and send Jennifer my love!


*My friend, Jennifer and I after our serious sweat sesh!*


The Alcove

What a cool, historical hang out! My friend and I grabbed a night capper and snack here before calling it a night. Built in 1897, this remodeled home has kept its traditional charm and is now a restaurant/ bar. The cheese tower was huge and offered a selection of cheeses, fruits, nuts and crackers. I also tried the mac and cheese balls (not the healthiest choice but felt I had to try them) which came with a creamy tomato soup! Great vibe with patio seating and strings of lights setting the mood. Belly up to the bar for a drink or grab a table and have a meal. This place is just fun and different. If you love history and old architecture, you will get a kick out of this place.


*How cute is this place?!*


San Antonio Winery

If you’re looking for beautiful sunsets and rolling hills of grape vines growing, this is not the place. However, if you love history and how a company has grown it’s brand, then this is it. Before wine tasting, Matt gave us a quick tour of the facility. Beautifully preserved Redwood Tree wine barrels were displayed. They are actually no longer able to be used to house wine, but it’s rich color is quite gorgeous to see. The grapes are grown in Northern CA, then transported here for the actual wine making, packaging, shipping and selling. To see the behind the scenes and watch the process was interesting.

After the tour, we began wine tasting. Matt who was our tour guide, also became the expert of the winery’s brand and blends. Upon his recommendation, I tried the San Simeon Petite Sirah and it was certainly a great pick! With the first sip, it had an earthy, rich, spiced/ pepper flavor and was full bodied. With the second taste, it mellowed out and became a wine that I would enjoy drinking over dinner and would serve as a nice table wine while hosting guests. I also tasted and purchased a Pinot Grigio and Prosecco which will go with my collection of wine nicely. Their wine tasting and wine itself is very affordable so I’d suggest dropping by. Make sure to see Matt and say hello for me!


*This pic was before the wine tasting- I think they should add it to their advertising! LOL*


There are endless things to do in LA and surrounding areas. When you make your trip out there, let me know what you found and what you liked to do while you were there! On another note… where do you think I’m jet setting to next?? Can’t wait to share!

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