Tuna Tartare Recipe

  It’s that time of year where everyone starts getting together for the holidays. I like to make fun finger foods to serve guests, so here is a quick and easy Tuna Tartare recipe I put together for you to serve at your next get together or to just enjoy yourself at home. This one … More Tuna Tartare Recipe

California Love

Yes, I was signing 2Pac’s song in my head as I wrote the title of this week’s blog and took myself back to my old skating days… Who is reminiscing with me now?! LA is known for being fast paced, sunny skies and active lifestyles. My most recent trip out was racing related, but I … More California Love

“Beet” It!

I can’t even lie; I am totally obsessed with beets right now. There are so many great benefits of eating beets that I don’t think many realize. They are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, can also help with eye sight and lower your risk of heart disease, and can really help with keeping your … More “Beet” It!