Fashion Show Friday!

For my very first blog post I want to talk about my fun Friday!

I had the opportunity to attend a fashion show held by the Myers Park Women’s Club, and be a guest of Whitley Hamlin, who if you don’t know the name, you certainly need to! She is the local style fashionista of the Queen City and certainly has the southern charm to boot!


*Me and Whitley after the show. Check out for more info on Whitley and her services!*


When I entered the Myers Park Country Club, I was greeted by a red carpet entrance and photographer taking candid shots of ladies who were attending the show. As I walked into the ballroom where the fashion show was held, a smiling server offered me a glass of champagne, which I of course did not refuse! (At 10:30 it was “Coffee and Conversation” but who would choose coffee over champagne?! Not this girl!) I moseyed around looking at all of the fabulous items local boutiques had displayed and were available for purchase. Jewelry, sparkling gowns, furs, cute and trendy clothes, I was on sensory overload and loving it! Since I attended by myself, I must’ve looked like a lost puppy wandering around because a few women approached me and sparked up a conversation. All of which were very sweet and a joy to talk to!

I took a seat just minutes before the show on the second row, end seat closest to the stage. Being short, I didn’t want to miss the action by sitting in the back and not being able to see! I had the perfect view of the models when they came on the runway front and center. There were multiple looks worn during the show; “Travel Chic”, “Casual Elegance” and “Haute Holiday” had some of my favorite looks. The show itself lasted about 20 minutes or so, just enough to keep your attention. After the models took their last walk down the catwalk, Whitley came on stage to speak about a cause she is an advocate for. The Goodwill off Wilkinson Blvd in Charlotte, offers the opportunity for the homeless or people needing a second chance, to come in, be trained and learn the proper skills to work with the public and obtain a job. This certainly sounds like it will do wonders within the community!

After the “show” was over, ladies rushed back to the tables to shop away and purchase some of the darling pieces showcased on the runway. I chatted with a few others and headed down the red carpet for a few last minute photos and said my good-byes to some newfound friends.

The best part of the whole experience was seeing women of all ages come together and empower one another. I’ll cheers to that!


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